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Whether you are privately insured or self-funding, Dr Banypersad is here to help you.

All cardiac CT and MRI scans will take place at the Spire Manchester Hospital which has a state of the art Siemens CT and MRI scanner. All payment is directly to the Spire Manchester Hospital. Please check with your insurer that they will authorise these scans before you have them.

Self payer costs are as follows:
Cardiac CT – £1661
Standard cardiac MRI – £1500
Stress Perfusion Cardiac MRI – £1800
(NB: These prices do not apply to insured patient, as each insurer agrees their own individual prices with the Spire Manchester Hospital).

Book a scan appointment:
If you are already waiting for a cardiac CT or cardiac MRI or echocardiogram on the NHS and now wish to have it done privately, please fill the form below with a brief description of your case. Otherwise, for CT / MRI scan appointments, you will first require a formal clinic consultation with a Consultant Cardiologist whereafter you will be referred to Dr. Banypersad for your scan. 

Face to face appointments with Dr. Banypersad can at present only be made at:

  • For Cardiac CT & MRI:
    Contact Elizabeth Deere – 07759 081 344
  • For Transoesophageal / Stress Echocardiography:
    Contact Diane Smith – 01254 733163

Updated Jan 2023


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Dr Banypersad is an authorised provider for all the major insurance companies, including BUPA (fee-assured).

All cardiac CT and MRI scans will take place at The Spire Manchester hospital.

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