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Dr Banypersad has been honoured with a variety of prizes and grants



  1. MRC grant (£2000) – Intercalated BMedSci, July 1998
  2. BJH Grant (£1000) – ISTH Conference, Washington DC, USA, Aug 1999
  3. Class 1 Hons Distinction – BMedSci, University of Sheffield, July 1999
  4. Enid-Linder Prize (£500) – undergraduate elective placement, University of Sheffield, March 2001
  5. Young Investigator Award (€1000) – International Amyloidosis Symposium, Holland, May 2012 
  6. Young Investigator Award ($500) – AHA Early Career Award, Dallas, USA, Nov 2013 
  7. Young Investigator Award – Early Career Award Finalist, SCMR, New Orleans, USA, Jan 2014
  8. Clinical Excellence Award – ELHT NHS Trust, Royal Blackburn Hospital, May 2018
  9. Clinical Excellence Award – ELHT NHS Trust, Royal Blackburn Hospital, May 2019


1. Cardiac MRI simulator teaching
– British Cardiovascular Society, Manchester Central, Manchester (June 2022)

2. Top 10 Trials: MR INFORM study
– British Cardiovascular Society, Manchester Central, Manchester (June 2019)

3. Infiltrative Cardiomyopathies: Chaired session
– British Society of Cardiovascular Imaging, EICC, Edinburgh (May 2018)

4. Cardiac MRI in Infiltrative & Restrictive Heart Disease
– British Society of CMR, Museum of Science & Industry, Manchester (Mar 2017)

5. Cardiac MRI in Amyloid Heart Disease
– North West CMR Study Day, Wythenshawe Hospital, Manchester (Nov 2015)

6. Cardiac Amyloid Burden Assessment by T1 Mapping Predicts Survival in Systemic AL Amyloidosis:
– SCMR, New Orleans, USA (Jan 2014­)

7. T1 Mapping and Survival in AL Amyloidosis
– AHA Scientific Sessions, Dallas, USA (Nov 2013)

8. Changing Patients Outcomes with CMR
– London CMR, The Heart Hospital, London (July 2013)

9. ECV and T1 mapping
– Cardiology Imaging Day, Royal Society of Medicine, London (Jun 2013)

10. Organ Dysfunction in Systemic AL Amyloidosis using Equilibrium MRI to calculate ECV
– EuroCMR, Florence, Italy (May 2013)

11. Multi-Organ ECV as Measured by Eq-MRI in Systemic Amyloidosis
– SCMR, San Francisco, USA (Feb 2013)

12. Cardiac Disease in Systemic Amyloidosis as Measured by Eq-CMR
– International Amyloidosis Symposium, Groningen, Holland (May 2012)

13. Pre-Contrast ShMOLLI T1 mapping in Cardiac AL Amyloidosis
– SCMR, Orlando, USA (Feb 2012)

14. Assessing Cardiac Amyloidosis with CMR
– London CMR, The Heart Hospital, London (Jan 2011)




    Tests with Dr Banypersad

    Cardiac MRI

    A non-invasive test that uses an MRI machine to create magnetic and radiofrequency waves to show detailed pictures of the inside of your heart.

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    Cardiac CT

    A heart-imaging test that uses CT technology with intravenous (IV) contrast (dye) to visualize the heart anatomy, and coronary circulation.

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    A test that uses ultrasound waves to produce live images of your heart which show how your heart and its valves are functioning.

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    Dr. Banypersad's associates will help you with these tests. Through an appointment best course of action can be advised.

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